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//PoONiE bAbY... \\

12 July

Friend Only Journal
Yup...damn right!! You have to be my friend to read my personal Journal. Add me, and I'll add you back!!

Me Me Me

This is Chris and Me!! yeah, I know I"m looking like a freak, but this is the only picture we have so far!! haha, we both are kinda shy about the relationship!! LOL....
|x| Chris ~n~ Poonie |x|
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\\March 14, 2005//

My Best Friend Jimmy and I!! This picture is taken in Hong Kong...around Dec 04 or Jan 05...it's recent...all I want to say!! LOL


Nickname: Poonie, Poon, Poon-nay, crazy asian, sweetie, babe, retard...all kinds of name!!!
Hair color:Naturally Black...now it's like light brown?
Eye color:dark brown
Weight and Height: 92lbs, 5'2
Nationality: Asian...Chinese
Born place: Hong Kong
Status: Taken...by Chris!! Haha, i'm not so In love...but I'm just gonna keep this Icon here!!!
Interests: upload blinkies, get online, talk on the phone w/someone I love and cares about me, watch tv, shopping, clean my room whenever I'm bored and have fun with Chris!!
Family: 1 brother, mom, 2 dogs (Max n Sammi)!!
Goals: Get MBA, met some new friends which is true to me, be with the one I love as long as I can, love everyone as much as I can, graduate, get a nice job and have a nice life.
Live with: My aunt (the Devil) and my cousin (the snob). My mom is in Hong Kong. The reason I am in USA right now it's just for education. But I think I am going to stay here for good.

People!! Go Join _striking & eccentricbeauty, dream_dates, jessie_graphics. It's fun!! Have fun with it!!! =)

I have to thanks
blinkie_palace, blinkie_shop, sadako_chan, dreamycreations, [Bad username: kris_originals"], blinkiesgalore, blinkies_inc, blinkiewhores, amandas_icons, icons_n_stuff, deadstrz, request_icons, starryrainbow, blinkies_r_fun, custom_designz, _glitter_, requestline, theblinkieshop, rockgirl182, blinkie_freak, ugh_oh_blinkies , saras_blinkies
to make my icons, blinkies and layout!! Thanks a lot!!

Thank you to crystaldoll for the Jessica Icon and friend only banner!! And imhappyn0wx for another banner!

I'll update this later...come back and check